30 January 2011

food wagon at the Sphinx

Chemical Skies
While we wait for the Sphinx and Pyramids to reveal their long awaited secrets, our newest exhibit comes from sorting through hundreds of CDs to liberate works unpublished on the blog and gallery.  Exhaustive sorting is rather like a combination of robo signer and meticulous consumer, sometimes having to re-review and study from every possible angle.  There are mostly digitals here, just as Chickory's having gotten a new camera expanded her already prolific range, the timing on these works tells me that is exactly how many of these came about.

There are titles, but those are for my filing purposes, you will have better ones because you will see things differently, please feel free to suggest your own.  I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts.

We'll see how many images I can get into a post without having to make another. The desired outcome is to have the images show up without taking all day for them to open.  In most cases, you should be able to click on each individually to view a larger version by right clicking the image and selecting view link in new tab, I said most, not all.  A small few of these images are higher resolution reposts.  I'll be doing the same sorting and culling over the next few days and will put up the most interesting of whatever I find.  Following this project, the plan is to present an upcoming exhibit on the Art of Others, a few favorite works from our artist community who thoughtfully keep me updated.  Stay tuned.

In summary, I will just mention that to date, no better filing system was devised in my selection/review process and if you are also as technologically challenged as this indicates, we are doomed to shuffling our ways into whatever lies ahead.  One love.

Work is never done,  watercolor on Arches

                      Inca Spiral cropped detail from The Peruvians, washed watercolor on Arches

2084 AD

Allen's Female at the Outdoor Cafe
Cat Stevens Live
TV in Every Room
A Saw Zaw Kind of Love, watercolor on Arches
Happy California Cows, watercolor on Arches

Proud Marys workin' for the man ...
Goodbye to all that
Sod Fog
Little Harbor, outside the capitol of Arawaka, watercolor batik on Arches

    Babylon, What Else