14 November 2016

Divine Grace

Mr. and Mrs. Mac, woodpile, South Africa
   I was so moved by the tragedy that occurred last spring in Susanna's garden, I had to paint the tale's very happy ending Su sent to me a short time later.  This is Divine Grace at work.

You'll have to read the whole post and comments to understand what happened.

Su's words: "...Out of that tragedy, something rather profound emerged.
One of the eekers, McGyver who is a master escapist (names are important) was released from the cage the day before as he was bullying the others.
Hence his freedom and escape from torture. Iona clearly got you have more chance of surviving if you have freedom of movement.

Anyway Mac lived in the stickpile in the garden, with the rabbit and the chicken but was alone. A friend came to visit with the most beautiful lady, black and spikey - name Mrs Mac and they are chirruping in delight in the autumn sunlight. ..."