20 July 2017

Recent Work #4

The Fountain of Youth ...

16" x 12" Watercolor, Gouache, Prismacolor pencil on Arches 2017
Is to be found among the waving Sawgrasses growing on the beaches of the eastern coast of the southern USA.  Poor, desperate Ponce de Leon only had to press onward a few more miles north to become his child self again.

Fast forward to 2017 and you'll find an amusement park of the same name a few miles south.  Of course.

Recent Work #3

The Brothers-in-Law, Fly Fishing

16" x 12" Prismacolor pencil and Dr.Ph.Martin's watercolor inks on Arches 2017
My Father's famous line, "I'm like a Lemming, I always return to the sea."
That's him on the right and my Mother's oldest brother on the left.
Happy times.

Recent Work #2

Rigging, Schooner Woodwind, Annapolis

16" x 12" Prismacolor pencil and Dr. Ph. Martin's watercolor inks 2017
Still sailing... will keep on sailing until I sail off the end of the planet into a never ending sea of stars.

Recent Work #1

Love Song

12" x 16" Prismacolor pencil + Dr. Ph. Martins watercolor inks on Arches, 2017
An extremely popular blues rock band on the SOFLA circuit, they fell in love.  Only recently, they got married. This is my wedding gift to them, my daughter the law student is doing the framing.  
You may ask"Why frogs?" One of these lovely rockers is my younger sister who collected toy frogs as a child which she called Blizzies, thus the Blizadelic Unity and thus, frogs.