06 December 2014

The Lightkeepers' Quarters

The Light Keepers' Quarters, watercolor inks on Arches, 11-12/14

Of course, this particular documentation goes with this one, as promised earlier during this brief, wet and smokey Autumn. 

There is still more coming. I never tire of ancient rural architecture and the wide open spaces remaining - thankfully, geologically buffered from the long running habitat wars.  We like to think the waves of the Pacific will never stop and so it is with this series, all of which takes place on the still magnificent, challenging, powerful, ever changing and often extremely dangerous western coast of the American continent.

I would like to reincarnate as a Mermaid, its in my DNA, in order to document the incredible changes ahead. My late Father, the Commander, Hellcat pilot, sailor, life long navigator, once said to the child me, "I'm like a Lemming, I always return to the sea." 

So be it.

22 October 2014

In honor of Mr. Fixit's upcoming birthday

You might recall this sweet Beagle from my other blog, see Love is All at the bottom of the page.  Or, this post from 2011 here in the gallery... Same size, same Dr. PH Martin's transparent inks on Arches.
Mr. Fixit and Bitsy

01 October 2014

A light in the darkness

A light in the darkness, part one
12" x 16" 
watercolor on Arches
Known for its Fresnel lens, radiating beams of light in multiple, rotating directions all at once, the Pescadero Angel of Mercy redirects those in peril on the sea...

Pescadero, a mystical place.  A place where you find confirmations every day and night why you are alive.  A place you can take a night sauna behind the lighthouse, seaside in a funky tub on the edge of the cliff, protected by a weatherbeaten picket fence. 

22 May 2014

the counselor last summer

16" x 18" watercolor on Arches
They'd been doing rock painting in arts and crafts.Wouldn't you too like to be doing rock painting in arts and crafts? 

On the last day of camp,  aka "parents' visiting day", his proud  father stood above him and snapped an Iphone memory with auto flash.