26 August 2009

Where did your favorite picture go?

Here I went to the trouble of reducing nearly 70 images, thinking surely this page would open faster which it does NOT. I've taken the next logical step of limiting the posts to 25 and archiving the remainder. There are two more steps available if that doesn't work, one is the slide show option and the other, which I don't want to do because we'll lose the comments, is line everything up postage stamp size. You'd get to click on a postage stamp to see it bigger. There is even a third option, continue to limit the amount of posts until the page opens with a satisfactory speed.

Just want to let you know I am working on it.

Big, I mean the largest made, 140 lb, cold-pressed, tried and true stock from France is about to arrive so, heh, I'm thinking we'll need more room pretty soon. Awrite! Now if I could just have a word with
the brush manufacturers ... their global best does not meet artist standards. We do not want to pick off Sable fur from the paint area, please OR have a stray strand interfere with our intentions.

UPDATE: Okay, I've just chosen the third option. We're down to 15 posts for this page. It seems to work. Next job ahead is to add year created to all post labels. Sounds kinda obsessive doesn't it.

UPDATE 2: Adding pages so the images stay large. We'll see how it goes.

19 August 2009

the Watusis

August 16th, Sunday, 2009, was about as perfect a day as it gets, containing within a sunlit space in time the full range of emotions underscored with plenty of "We are on our own now" Polaroids. As a wrap from God's film crew, my friend the Radical Rascal, pulled over alongside Heaven and the Watusi Longhorn came rumbling up from the wash to greet us.

The Watusis 2007
24" x 18" watercolor on Arches

06 August 2009


Watercolor on Arches
12" x 16" | 09 . 2009

A few months ago, I dreamed I grew dog ears. When I woke up, I felt some bumps on my head. Within a few days they'd filled out nicely. It seemed perfectly natural, different, but fine. Same color as my hair, soft and rather fluffy.