05 July 2009

Late Day, Grey Sky

Watercolor on Arches
24" x 18" 2003

Years after the work, it occurs me this is exactly how it looks when the wind carries smoke from distant wildfires to the rest of the southwest. The sun shines through it, orange, and the cheat grass takes on a wierd brightness.


chickory said...

channelling a lil bit of thomas hart benton here. what is it that flashed me? maybe that lonesome telephone pole. oh but he painted when technology offered freedom and expansion. what happened?

continuing on in following your links. saw the video "the template" and loved it. im not sure im fully getting it but i loved the imagery associated with sacred geometry. ive got to use that somehow in a painting.

struggling with new baby chick. has a bad leg. its hard to look at. man, going "country" is harder than i thought.

btw, reading about your dog -my dog was also dumped -up in the cohutta wilderness with her litter mates. we heard them while hiking a ridge trail -they had crawled under some roots of a tree. i didnt have the pleasure of seeing the fine person who did it, but my dog Trout has taught me much about not giving up. your dog is a beautiful thing.

nina said...

How's that baby chick doing now?

There is no relating to a mindset that would dump animals.

Once I had too many hamsters, I took them to the petstore, they would not take them, even though they had a nice big play area that fit my standards. I wasn't a breeder. So I stood outside giving them away to people who promised they would love them. Right away, the store decided they would have them after all. We all went inside and I stood at the play area seeing them very quickly go to good people who were eager for advice on how to care for them.
There are ALWAYS alternatives to abandonment.
So what is the matter with these wilderness dumpers? It seems like a guaranteed death. Our dogs are the fortunate ones.

Publius said...

I like this one!