01 October 2014

A light in the darkness

A light in the darkness, part one
12" x 16" 
watercolor on Arches
Known for its Fresnel lens, radiating beams of light in multiple, rotating directions all at once, the Pescadero Angel of Mercy redirects those in peril on the sea...

Pescadero, a mystical place.  A place where you find confirmations every day and night why you are alive.  A place you can take a night sauna behind the lighthouse, seaside in a funky tub on the edge of the cliff, protected by a weatherbeaten picket fence. 


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I knew that place once

Pescadaro! Fog morning meditation Ancient Tai Chi masters sync with rolling surfs fluctuation. After awhile their bodies appear motionless as everything else is slowly doing the form dance.

Most illuminating indeed