19 August 2009

the Watusis

August 16th, Sunday, 2009, was about as perfect a day as it gets, containing within a sunlit space in time the full range of emotions underscored with plenty of "We are on our own now" Polaroids. As a wrap from God's film crew, my friend the Radical Rascal, pulled over alongside Heaven and the Watusi Longhorn came rumbling up from the wash to greet us.

The Watusis 2007
24" x 18" watercolor on Arches


su said...

I have always loved this particular painting.
And I was moved to drop you a note and I choose to place it in the low down box, second from the left.
Low down enough so I would have to bend to put it in and you would need to bend to take it out.
A bit like bowing to each other, under the clear sky.
And that is what I wanted to say to you away from the intellectualism which I am unable to contribute to.
Just wanted to acknowledge you for the light that you shine, that you coax to life, and that you keep aflame.
Bless you.

nina said...

I am so glad! A secret special place. I don't know what they're talking about either and like it over here better, there's a beautiful circle of light coming from somewhere and you and I are inside it together. Love you my friend. Bless whatever it was that had you post on VO so long ago.