26 August 2009

Where did your favorite picture go?

Here I went to the trouble of reducing nearly 70 images, thinking surely this page would open faster which it does NOT. I've taken the next logical step of limiting the posts to 25 and archiving the remainder. There are two more steps available if that doesn't work, one is the slide show option and the other, which I don't want to do because we'll lose the comments, is line everything up postage stamp size. You'd get to click on a postage stamp to see it bigger. There is even a third option, continue to limit the amount of posts until the page opens with a satisfactory speed.

Just want to let you know I am working on it.

Big, I mean the largest made, 140 lb, cold-pressed, tried and true stock from France is about to arrive so, heh, I'm thinking we'll need more room pretty soon. Awrite! Now if I could just have a word with
the brush manufacturers ... their global best does not meet artist standards. We do not want to pick off Sable fur from the paint area, please OR have a stray strand interfere with our intentions.

UPDATE: Okay, I've just chosen the third option. We're down to 15 posts for this page. It seems to work. Next job ahead is to add year created to all post labels. Sounds kinda obsessive doesn't it.

UPDATE 2: Adding pages so the images stay large. We'll see how it goes.


chickory said...

have you ever tried the windsor newton series 7 (or is it 6?) sable watercolor brushes? i like them. the length is a bit short which i think aids precision.

i did not have a problem loading all the images before you reformatted.

nina said...

Yes, I just checked, they flay out too quickly. All of them, even the Koliskys. But if you recommend them, I'll give them another try. I do a lot of back and forth squishing and there might be no way around it.

Are you on high speed? We're on dial up out here and it was taking 20 minutes to see the page.

Agree, the short length is better and longer lasting.

Maybe all those images I archived choked eblogger's archiving technology and that is why the blogs were out this morning?

chickory said...

i am in atlanta now, so i am freeloading on a high speed. up in blue ridge i use a regular dsl which they finally took the line way out where i live last year. before that i used a satellite which was brutal.

i tend to scumble a bit too...and i rag out brushes fast. i tried the yarkas out of russia (or whatever its called now) and they were so so. its hard to find a decent brush. id rather use a squirrelette than synthetic.

actually thats not entirely true. some of the craft brushes are kinda good -and cheap!

i just posted on the folk art fest i went to 2 weeks ago. you might like some of the work. i am NOT advocating my art writing but i need to write something down to accompany the images.


i sense that annoyed you with that poem i wrote. i was trying to speak to how i personally have decided to the deal with what you called (correctly) a catastrophe. i was not in anyway making light of the seriousness of the situation or anyone who views it as such. i apologize if it seemed inappropriate in that space or a poor attempt at humor. anyway, i think i will be a more of a reader and less of a commenter at ALW...just know i am reading and enjoy it very much.

nina said...

Did I see it? Did you post it, where? Was it the song? I could never been annoyed with whatever you say. If it was the song I remember, it was perfectly appropriate. I'm going to see what you mean and I'm coming back. You are very very special to me. Lately I've wondered offline if we went to the same school and had the same professors.

Soon come...

nina said...

Here's what happened, I barely got through that thread, so glad we were what appeared to be done with Rand. Then Pangolin lured us over to his blog and I never got back to you or anybody else, until you said something. Thankfully! Do speak up if you see that again, remember that. When we've got lots of threads going as we do now and on this gallery, I don't see all the comments right away, but eventually I do, it has nothing to do with you at all. Don't even go there. Promise?

chickory said...

okay. good. promise.