20 September 2009

elay ballet no.2

This is a repost of last week's entry which was lost in the uploading of another photo file. Sigh. Disappointed our comments are gone. Its almost as if we are not to ask the questions that weigh so heavily on our minds.

To the left is the rough colored pencil sketchbook concept of the painting I am doing as this is all unfolding. The painting never comes out as planned because you cannot plan watercolor. It flows on its own like beautiful rivers of living color.

I apologize for the missing comments. The question of recentering oneself in the NWO is a valuable and little discussed subject deserving far more attention than it receives.


chickory said...

where bad cows go. like us. little steers in the feedlot.
i love how you have painted this slightly askew so that our footing feels insecure, which of course it is. and the animal eye point of view of the slaughterhouses.

my creek is about to flood and it is as dark as night outside. 7 days of solid drenching rain. everything i put in the ground for fall is drowned. and my chicks need swimming lessons.

i have missed you terribly - will catch up at DIALW soon

nina said...

Have you ever researched the weather history of your area? Go back as far as possible, see if there are wet, dry cycles and how long they last.
I am asking this because disasters have a way of migrating population away from areas where they thought they gained something and it proved later to be loss when one cycle ended and the reverse cycle destroyed everything. Like happened with the Dustbowl where families decided en masse to farm immediately following a wet growing cycle which later went into drought. It reads like the biblical passage, seven fat cows, seven thin cows. The drag is the people were fooled by not knowing about these cycles. We see this in hurricane prone areas and of course, the wildfires out west as well. After the damage, instead of learning the lesson of cycles, people migrate elsewhere and the carpetbaggers move in for a repeat.
The big problem in Georgia would seem to be tornados. Also, I thought they were actually having drought issues around the Lake Lanier area.

I am going to send you a photo of a shed I put on cd a few years ago, give me a day to locate it. My cd filing system is, well, nonexistent.

nina said...

UPDATE: For readers of comments that are confused by what we're talking about: Previous title art was the slaughterhouse watercolor, Hell for Bad Cows. Today's new title art, The Bugler, is a digital shot and uploaded this morning.
Also, Chickory evacuated to the city just before the roads were closed. She is safe and back online. You can click on her name in the first post to read her account.

arthurdecco said...

I'm stopping the hounding to get you to sell me a picture, nina.

I've come to the conclusion after viewing this one I can't afford your work.

This study is magnificent!

nina said...

ARTHUR! I could never second guess what you might say about anything anywhere. You always amaze. Thank you, you are too kind.

You likely missed something Pangolin said in last week's disappeared comments about actually having watched burning embers of Eucalyptus float through the air, a rather brilliant comparison that vanished in cyberspace.

nina said...

I wasn't thinking clearly, the missing comments to the original elay ballet post were in my gmailbox, OF COURSE.

For posterity:
1. chickory has left a new comment on your post "elay ballet":

how close are you to the fires?

Posted by chickory to DEEP INTO ARTLIFE WEST GALLERY at Sun Sep 13, 05:43:00 PM PDT

2. chickory has left a new comment on your post "elay ballet":

oh you are just too good. i thank you!!

perfect metaphor those fires in california. your people are somewhat powerless riding on heat thermals and all that was built and solid turned to ash (just like joni mitchell said) ...for a moment, before i scrolled down i was thinking of an image of hell from one of my illuminated manuscripts -the visconti hours.

well the art stores here are having sales galore. 70% off on canvas even the juicy 3' deep gallery masterwraps! paint 40%; watercolor paper 300lb at 3-5 dollars (22x30's) even montana spray paints were on sale. too bad i had no money for art supplies i am using whatever i have on hand from years of believing i would always earn the way i had and consumed supplies like a locust. and then you have bill traylor on cardboard. point taken.

last night i had an opportunity to defend my life. how i wish you had been at the table with me. what are you doing? was the question. to some, i have copped out. im not trying anymore. dont i want achievement? success?

you have a very narrow definition of success i said the greek chorus. maybe i decided i didnt want to run in the hamster wheel anymore like a good little slave. maybe i wanted to stop sitting on my ass all day killing my neck and spine and trading my life for money so that i could have a day or two off now and then to live. and for what? so i can drive around in a spiffy car and try and look cute?

and guess what? (i continued) i am nobody. i never was anybody. its fucking liberating. so choosing a life of less stress real food some chickens and free time is a great choice based in reality. MY reality.

anyway. this coming from a guy who's every dollar is owed to somebody else cause he has lived too large.

how nice it is to be free of "fronting". but to some it will always look like i gave up. LOL i dont care how i look anymore.

oh and to this crowd? i am MISS Doom with a tripple capital DDD

long story just to say i thought of you, and often, last night.

Posted by chickory to DEEP INTO ARTLIFE WEST GALLERY at Sun Sep 13, 09:55:00 AM PDT

nina said...


3. Pangolin has left a new comment on your post "elay ballet":

Baaah!! (ok, I said that before I typed it)

Reminds me of the Oakland fire when I stood on the shores of Lake Merrit while long strips of eucalyptus bark floated gently out of the sky, embers glowing gently.

Posted by Pangolin to DEEP INTO ARTLIFE WEST GALLERY at Sun Sep 13, 08:39:00 PM PDT

4. Pangolin has left a new comment on your post "elay ballet":

Chickory, can you defend my life for me? I got booted out of the working world by injury but that doesn't seem to matter. The questions are the same.

There's always enough money for art supplies....

Posted by Pangolin to DEEP INTO ARTLIFE WEST GALLERY at Sun Sep 13, 08:42:00 PM PDT

5. nina has left a new comment on your post "elay ballet":

Poignant commentary here in the gallery today, this is a stage one must experience to understand the beauty and balance of life. The phrase that is running through my head as I read Chickory and Pangolin is the phrase Visible often quotes from Buddha: All suffering is caused by false desire.
When we stop desiring that which holds no lasting value is when we quit the suffering and start living.

Chickory, about proximity to the fires, the flames are a metaphor for learning to live without a past. I hardly know where it begins or ends, we are all subject to the monster and have to fend for ourselves. One could say the fires are only here or there, but when you start looking into it, everywhere is where they are or will be or have been. It is more of a media phenomena now because there are more people looking at it. But its always been there. Yet, developers continue to build in forested areas KNOWING that population increase assists and boosts the natural forces of disaster.
Add climate chaos and lack of funding and regulatory agency delays to the mix and it gets worse. The Feds were to do preventative controlled burns of thousands of acres in the area of the recent Station Fire and only got around to burning 12.
The last big fire I was in, word got around very quickly that the equipment and personnel required to extinguish it were off in Iraq.

Pangolin, I agree, the questions are the same, thus so are the answers. The way we communicate online is proof we don't need accouterments to represent us.

Posted by nina to DEEP INTO ARTLIFE WEST GALLERY at Mon Sep 14, 10:01:00 AM PDT