21 November 2009

Rasta Soon Come

An Exhibit for our Rasta

Meeting the Force head on, answering the call to serve Livity:

Above: click to enlarge in new tab


And Jah provide the bread right side view

And Jah provide the bread porch view, because everybody has a porch to gather under and talk about God.


The Flag of Arawaka

Outside Woman, Outside Man and hey, maybe he'll fall in love, too?


K9 said...
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chickory said...

you actually constructed an island house? im impressed! but my favorite is the starfield over water. sublime.

nina said...

Yes, they are so small and sweet. I just make the model and draw on it and paint with markers. Sometimes, draw before the x-acto. Now, you would be good at this! Little paper ones to hang on a Christmas tree with thread. Any kind of house, a whole city, a farm, why not?

Thanks C.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nina.


Burnie said...

Beautiful Nina