04 January 2010


Watercolor on Arches
14" x 20"

A repost on request. Thank you Chickory.

Many goodies live in the archives, but since I did 65 posts in June 09 alone, I wouldn't be in a hurry to recommend sifting through the monthly lists. I'm probably the only one who knows the names of the works well enough to know that for which I would be searching.

Any time anyone wants a repost, you've got it. Just let me know.
It does none of us any good to have these works sitting in the archive trunk unseen.


chickory said...

i just LOVE this one. that little trailer has sure made the rounds in some beautiful and interesting settings. thanks for posting it. its excellent.

nina said...

Thanks Chickory, after seeing/photographing the scene you see, there was a horrible car accident coming from the vet where I'd had to euthanize my suffering, beloved pet, I was 100% not at fault but had to spend a month on the phone dealing with the nasties and the rude, hi-pressure, shattering aftermath of my total-lossed V-8, 5.0 Mustang coupe. The only way I survived was doing this work. It kept taking me out of that world into a better one. When I see it now, long completed and shared, I see teardops dried through love and dedication and the magnificence of Nature's healing.
If a work of art could be a month at an ashram...we might learn that a precious animal in his little vet office cardboard casket is our true guardian angel.

brian said...

That is the most beautiful skyscape I have seen.
"Nina, Painter of Light."

nina said...

Thank you Brian.

nina said...

I value both of your opinions highly. I like it myself too. I was heavily influenced by two very different sky/sunset geographies and it deserved to become one.
There is something very spiritually healing about watching sunsets.

brian said...

Sunsets are awesome. Double-stacked, supersized ones are even better! Calligraphic clouds make such a great read!

Pangolin said...

Trailer in the hollow, plum tree in bloom, erratic boulder sitting on the far rise. Best bits for me.

I have a different vision of sky except for the dark blue bits at the top. A stretch for me the way you paint it.

nina said...

Heh, Pangolin! You are good. What you see here is a mix of two landscapes, the sky of the Nevada desert at sundown and a teardrop trailer nestled into the high desert overlooking the Central Valley. Artistic license, you know. In reality, I was living in both places that year, with the Choctaw mystics far north of the waters AND the pigtailed California flannel shirt people.
Make sense now?

Pangolin said...

Yeah, it makes sense as sunset facing the East Wall of the Sierra Nevada. The foreground you could drop anywhere from Paradise to the end of Rt. 49. Call those orange trees on the ridge and it's a fair go.

Btw. Riding the bike yesterday somebody had a teardrop under construction in his driveway. There's always another dreamer around the bend.

Anonymous said...

the sky,its lovely...neil