30 January 2011

food wagon at the Sphinx

Chemical Skies
While we wait for the Sphinx and Pyramids to reveal their long awaited secrets, our newest exhibit comes from sorting through hundreds of CDs to liberate works unpublished on the blog and gallery.  Exhaustive sorting is rather like a combination of robo signer and meticulous consumer, sometimes having to re-review and study from every possible angle.  There are mostly digitals here, just as Chickory's having gotten a new camera expanded her already prolific range, the timing on these works tells me that is exactly how many of these came about.

There are titles, but those are for my filing purposes, you will have better ones because you will see things differently, please feel free to suggest your own.  I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts.

We'll see how many images I can get into a post without having to make another. The desired outcome is to have the images show up without taking all day for them to open.  In most cases, you should be able to click on each individually to view a larger version by right clicking the image and selecting view link in new tab, I said most, not all.  A small few of these images are higher resolution reposts.  I'll be doing the same sorting and culling over the next few days and will put up the most interesting of whatever I find.  Following this project, the plan is to present an upcoming exhibit on the Art of Others, a few favorite works from our artist community who thoughtfully keep me updated.  Stay tuned.

In summary, I will just mention that to date, no better filing system was devised in my selection/review process and if you are also as technologically challenged as this indicates, we are doomed to shuffling our ways into whatever lies ahead.  One love.

Work is never done,  watercolor on Arches

                      Inca Spiral cropped detail from The Peruvians, washed watercolor on Arches

2084 AD

Allen's Female at the Outdoor Cafe
Cat Stevens Live
TV in Every Room
A Saw Zaw Kind of Love, watercolor on Arches
Happy California Cows, watercolor on Arches

Proud Marys workin' for the man ...
Goodbye to all that
Sod Fog
Little Harbor, outside the capitol of Arawaka, watercolor batik on Arches

    Babylon, What Else 



su said...

ah beloved - i came i feasted,
i lightened, i appreciated.
the bright coloured field with the cows, the showoff car, this is the reality.
this right here , right now on this page.
and i was here :)

neil said...

energetic recipes
inspiration flare
reach upon compassion
magnetise a care
rejuvenating blossom
stretching through the art
lifting consciously
open loving heart
spark within the moment
wander cross the time
sign the equilibrium
wakening sublime
a shine of ever glisten
a wave upon the sea
in the ocean of the universe
weave creatively


nina said...

Su, that you came here and saw is a sign, a very good sign. And you know, halfway down the page is Tao's incredible work that so perfectly integrates into the whole. As I was checking Sod Fog and Little Harbor, my eyes were pulled to the right of the page and there it was, a masterpiece. I know you saw it that way too.

nina said...

Definitely stretching neil, absolutely lifting consciously, bright sparks everywhere in this now, weaving, wandering, awakening ...
Thank you for your symphonies, every one.

Anonymous said...

well I especially like the really colorful weird absract stuff you do nina,sort of draws me to it...
really like sages sunbird aswell..
oh and how are you susie su

su said...

i have been back here several times - it is time to return to these pages of creation. away from lamentation. yes i did see.
you enable me to.

Burnie said...

It is all a treat and calming. Creation is such a part of all of us thanks for posting all this beauty. it gives peace to me, and I need it today.

Could I ask a favor. My Ex and my surrogate son are in or very near the eye of a huge cyclone in QLD, Au.
Put out a goood thought today.

Burnie said...

Art is miraculous. I have a picture that I use as a screen saver that is completely psychedelic in color. When I rebooted my computer it went to shades of gray that were very beautiful with hints of color. Point is I was led to see it that way.

We open ourselves and miracles happen. If it was not for you and others I would not have even have attempted to do what I am trying blindly to do, blind in the sense of walking the road but not really sure where it is I am going.

Thanks so much all of you.

neil said...

really like that lightning....

nina said...

Burnie, I've been watching that cyclone off and on all day into this evening. Definitely one of those "bigger and worse" we've heard were coming. There are two links about it in my new post picked up from Desdemona who has at last look, 6 - 8 posts today alone, graduating in gravity. Yes, its time to direct some love.

nina said...

Susu, you are too kind. And you know, ever since we looked at Tao's art, now I'm going straight, automatically, to Iona Jade's the Mother Child. That one is just so amazing, so deep for such a little girl, incredible.

Did the box come?

nina said...

..neil.., I really like having your poetry on the gallery homepage. It sets a tone that is just right.

Pangolin said...


I sometimes wonder if there is only one soul but on this plane it exists only as shards.

How can my heart sing to that
and yet
be so alone

su said...

i keep coming back for those cows.
imagining what their milk would taste like.
i really love this image.

and iona's delight upon visiting this page.

nina said...

That's great. I am so pleased that Iona saw the page. nina looks wonderful, she is taking very good care of her. I'd say Iona is the real photographer of the family, although her Motherchild is continuously captivating.

nina said...

I did the cows after I'd been out here only a few years. The wildflowers were outrageous. The past few years, since the Great Bee Vanishing come to think of it, the wildflowers are limiting themselves to only the most hardy species. Big Agra has made deep inroads since then, in the valleys especially where the air carries up their smog into the skies of everybody else's atmosphere.

So that's why I paint, to save the past. I will look for an original high resolution and send to you. Although, I think the Cows posted here is the highest res I could find in the CDs. Click the plus sign to get actual size or a pixelated semblance of size.

One more thing!!! I saw Tao's bandage. He looks great. Very good, Mom. Nice work.

Zoner said...

Been roaming about here for a spell, and offer my deepest appreciation and gratitude for such beauty - both in the images and the words. Thank you so very much.