15 October 2011

Things you may not have seen ...

Ticket Depot for the Shambhala Express

Dogs of the Desert #1.

Or you may have seen.
Or things you might not have had an opportunity to see lately.
I found them in my stack of CDs while searching for a request and have put together a little exhibit for people who are new to the gallery and people who just want to see them. 

As always, for larger view, right click on image to open in a new tab.



One-hundred and twenty-eight Novembers

All things must pass


su said...

that workshop seen from kitchen late afternoon is mesmerising. it is a scene i know from dreams.
think i must plan a visit.

Pangolin said...

Ticket Depot is magnificent. I love the johnson grass (?) rising through the missing boards. This set really is very, very good although I'm not getting the dogs painting.

Thank you for posting these.

nina said...

Thank you Pangolin, let me try to explain the dogs. It was very well received by people who knew and revered these dogs so I never gave it further thought, other than liking it a lot.

When I went to NV for awhile to clear my head of the California cobwebs, I stayed in the desert and met up with an incredible band of desert people, Choctaws, bikers, Nam vets, cowboys, not your regular city fare. I fell in love with and painted all the dogs of these folk. The two in the work, the first in the series, that confuses you are Ida, who was claimed to be a Russian Czarina and Jake, rascal, independent, childlike sweet. The series was a good move because some of these animals have gone on to the Animal Kingdom since and I have given the dog/s owners these portraits in condolence. The scenery you see is across the road from the base where drones get their signals. It always seemed to me the sheer joy and beauty of all these dogs somehow offset the misery of the existence of that base. I will put up the whole series for you sometime. You will see similar scenery, heavy Yucca, Joshua Tree growth, long sand hills abutting dark blue mountains.

I think what the confusion is about is just my own sentimentality showing.

nina said...

Bho, thank you. Yesterday wrapping gifts, I put on all your musical genius to encourage and concentrate on the gratitude of giving. Then I went to check on Rosie who is giving birth to her lambs any minute when suddenly a huge Red Tail flew right past my face and once again I thought of you and the Center.

Great hearts dwell alike.

nina said...

Su, would you really visit? PLEASE DO. Whenever, however possible.

Anonymous said...

i really like dogs in the desert nina,,,it brought a big smile to my face,,,as thats how i'm feeling at the mo,,,deserted...

have a big warm smile,and some gratitudes for all of your great great pictures,,,,neil