10 November 2011

graces & granite

graces & granite  watercolor on Arches  16"x12"
My friend took the photo, I had rights because it was my camera.  It said I am the image of old California, still here.  It also said, Paint me.  I liked it that the image verbalized itself so well, and I agreed completely.  Granite's name was changed when it blew away in the dust and became a place equally as humble.  Tomorrow I start on a third, the red barn, and the crow flies quickly to False Spring as well.  The height of my trip is seeing something to paint that meets an interior criteria, speaking and showing all of its special details that point undeniably to what we lost in the rush of the NWO.  So be cheered this place still exists.  It is amazing how people lived and the funky variety of ways of life before everything became illegal and mandatory.


Anon said...

Classy art as always.

Happy New Year.

- Aangirfan

nina said...

Thank you my friend. You know I like your taste in visuals. HNY!