26 October 2015


John's Topanga Sunset 16" x 12" watercolor on Arches, 10/15  

He took the curve in stride, behind the wheel of a cherry red Mustang v8 convertible, slowed to the side of the road, removed his earpods, got out of the car and stood there silently, moved beyond description by the Symphony of Nature and her mind blowing end of day light show.


su said...

Set as my desktop.
I can smell it.

nina said...

Over the top compliment! Thank you.

About the Arcturian Mothership, do you think it is coming to save us or merely observe the wasteland as a reminder to the Arcturians how insane we became?


Zhemwel Elanor said...

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john said...

Very nice Nina, it looks like such a great view from the top of those hills, a magical revealing sunset moment. Topanga eh? That's the valleys/canyon near LA isn't it? I remember it from the Spirit song, Topanga Windows. Maybe in another life I'll get to see them. I like the accompanying words too, all very good.

nina said...

I am honored John. Yes, Topanga Canyon, just NW of lesser LA.