31 March 2016

Moving Day

Dog in the Pattern, 12" x 16" watercolor inks on Arches
It was impossible to make sense out of everyone running around packing up the entire household and burly strangers barging in and out, hauling away her whole happy dog life into waiting trucks.  It was bad enough every summer when the suitcases came out, but this was outrageous, incomprehensible!

But today was different, everyone was busy, frantic, excited, looking forward to something apparently wonderful and including her in the activity wherever possible.

She chose to take a wait and see approach. Yet, still, there were moments ...


Anonymous said...

Moving? Are you happy? Your watercolor looks happy.
Heart to heart
Sending good energy to you.
Love Scrap

nina said...

Thank you Sweetheart. My happiness is relative to how much happiness I can bring others, people, dogs, birds, etc. This is my brother's family dog, I've painted her often. You will find her on both blogs. Her afternoon, after the move, turned out very well, but I am sure she was anxious before arriving at the new house where all her belongings showed up safe and secure. Rescue dogs are like that, they never forget their past, so its good to take the time to try to explain what is happening to them and include them at ever opportunity. I am sure you would agree with me that we mustn't ever take others' feelings for granted.

I feel your good energy, always.

Love to you.

Unknown said...

Were all "in the pattern", so happy landings!


nina said...

Smart fellow RW, I see you got that.