07 July 2016

Barcelona - Image of the periphery

The grey post-war years before the formation of the metropolis 

"An outlying neighborhood in the post-war years." 
From Joan Busquets' and the Harvard University Graduate School of Design's tome BARCELONA, the urban evolution of a compact city. VII.1 Autocracy, reconstruction and shantytowns.

I am drawn, passionately, to shantytowns, their charming colors, their patchwork construction and especially to the people who build their lives and communities from practically nothing.  I was inextricably driven to paint it.

The beginning... 12" x 16", No.2 lead pencil on Arches


bholanath said...

Love this one. "Shantytowns" are beautifully human-scale.

chickory said...

nice. reminds me a bit of Thibaud

nina said...

Bho, that is exactly what it is. Thank you for pointing that out.


nina said...

I'll look it up. A place? A French philosopher?

TTYL honeychile...