08 May 2011

The Lambs Make Their Way through Mist and Fog

12" x 16" watercolor on Arches block
The wonderful friends of my other blog know this photo from frequent mentions of Oaks and sheep which so deeply stirs the collective unconscious memory of the one mind's concept of Livity, it fell onto the paintbrushes resting in my hand.

As a side note, they are also the recent escapees, reformed now that they discovered in addition to fog and yellow fungus on bark, our dogs are Sheepdog-Border Collies disguised as unruly family pets.

This is a gift for Jah little yout, Zion, Jamaican American, age 4 months, his first art. 


Anon said...

Very good.

- Aangirfan

nina said...

Thank you so much. It is a happy surprise to see you here. I am honored, for real.

Love, nina

Anonymous said...

Hail the yout for I Nina.

The best gift, your art.


nina said...

I-Man, sanity in an insane world.