23 June 2011

Bee Flowers with Glacial Erratics: a family portrait

12" x 16" watercolor on Arches
There is a place that inspires imagination and then anything else that was on the schedule evaporates like dew on a summer morning.  What is a schedule anyway but a map for the longer days, to be a good map it should be elastic so you will revisit it another day and another, knowing something inspiring will take you high ... and higher still.


neil said...

love of loving all
weaving heavens light
shining seven mountains
lightning drawn of height
sounding all sensations
deepened of the earth
blooming living currents
rise the universe
springtime scented lotions
summer blues and greens
dreaming through the flowers
wondering the bees
freedoms of our essence
the light within does grow
charges on the motions
of universal flow


nina said...

Neeeeeeeel, you're breaking my heart!

This one is going on the back of the artwork and someday when someone unknown to us opens the frame, they will discover your beautiful accompaniment.

I did this also with Agave, Su wrote something that, like you, was practically painted in for those who really look.

It happens rarely, but when it does, it is a most wonderful shock.
>gratitude, respects, one mind<

neil said...

and I already know that poem would love to sit next to your artwork nina and be its ever loyal companion,the poem would be honored,our artworks can join together doing battle against the forces of complete stupidity and absurd elitist insanity or something ...

anyway I really like bee flowers...

respects and gratitude.......

su said...

beloved nina,

the moss/lichen artwork on the stones
the spring flowers standing profoundly tal
the variegated grass dancing in the wind
the tress patiently awaiting rebirth

a smile arises for this beauty.

hey i looked back at that poem.
it just flew spontaneously at that image. i really love that image.

and how blessed are we to have neil visiting our pages,
his words capture the essence and tone of what we are trying to convey.

neil said...

thanks su.........