07 June 2009


Watercolor on Arches
12" x 16" 2009

DesmondSuSu writes:
I used to be shining and new My presence could get some hearts pumping through some jealousy flowing around and about but never heavy, just jibes from the crew. Gliding along pretty country roads to destinations of simple pleasures: the harvest picnic the easter service the village dance the drive on the days where there was nothing to do. My rear filled with laughing people delighted to feel the wind on their faces Lovers loving up front. The privacy of the cabin their aces. Cool water washing me down smooth polish would create a shine Now - Well strangely I'm no less content despite the rust and numerous dents The sun and moon still do their thing Still catch the breeze and her gentle me-anderings. Life as a pick-up is different now and some days to pass time I pretend I am a cow.
Michael contributes his survivalist tip: ...Agaves, when they are small to medium sized, are quite handy for sewing. Just snap the spine at the top of the leaf and pull down; needle and thread all in one neat package. Nature loves us. 02.27.09

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