21 November 2012

Caliente free range

Prismacolor©  pencils in sketchbook
On the way to Walker Basin, off the 58, between General Beale Highway and Bodfish, lies the off-road territory of Caliente.  The geography consists of untamed spectacular pine peaks, death defying cliffs and tight old growth Oak canyons where the cattle are free range, i.e.; no fences, very much at home wherever they feel like hanging out in any particular season of the year, day or night.  Its rather like a safari park, they wander across the sole road, the rare vehicle completely out of context, but should you happen to be out exploring, they will saunter right up and ask you, with gentle Cow curiosity, who are you?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Of blessed cows
Who roam the hills
And valleys twisting
Deep green feilds
Of tranquil rising
peaks of pines
That hold the view
Along the way
That fills the sense
And lifts the beauty
Of true intent
That weaves beyond
As it should
With peace and love
And all thats good