07 November 2012

Iona Jade making pancakes

Iona Jade making pancakes

I was the fortunate recipient of this photograph four years ago, this very month.  You can tell from this one photo alone, choosing and celebrating life is written all over her being as she is an angel daughter of Jah though the blessed vessel of Susana.

link for this post:  Iona chooses to stay

This is what is really good about the internet, for all its frivolous absurdity, we can watch a beautiful South African child grow up and love her as if she was our own.


su said...

Four years ago to the month. Is it not astounding. Such a beautiful image - and you still have it.
Touched beyond belief sister, touched beyond belief.

neil said...

Iona jade
Free and wild
Glows the seeds
Heavens child
Fills a heart
So it is not lost
Plays the wind
Where oceans cross


Anon said...

Very Merry Christmas!

- Aangirfan

su said...

Aha, I find her here. This being from Africa. And here is a poem she wrote for the festival. Aged 13.

Into the labyrinth I step
plants growing all around
on one side of the gravelled path red flowers
and the other, lavender.
I walk
and no matter how many steps are taken
the further from the outside I am
there is absolutely no option to turn around.

The sun begins to set
my destination still not met
Pushing on and on , and on....
Eventually I see a bright light
mesmerised by its power and beauty
I step forward
Realising that I am outside
and that I had escaped entrapment simply
by pushing on and going forward.

su said...

thanks for the poems and comments, i was suprrised to find this picture,its not often you see a picture of yourself randomly. but i really do apreciate your possitive messages and neil's poem, so thanks. in case anyones wondering i'm 14 now.

iona said...

thank you all for your messages, i was suprised to find this picture of myself but am glad i did, and thank you neil for your poem