11 November 2012

NE Workshop

NE Workshop as seen from kitchen window

I keep coming across works that were never displayed here, living in my portfolio unseen.  Now is as good a time as any to share them.  (Either that or they were left out of the recent gallery revision, another likely possibility.)  This one is California, Fall 04.  You can tell its Fall by the pattern of leafless Oak branches.  It always caught my eye while washing dishes.  Art is everywhere.

18" x 24" watercolor inks on Arches


Anonymous said...

Dancing shadows
Oaks are bare
Where birds touch
Loves aware
On boughs that rise
And sweep along
Touching mountains
Weaving songs
Of higher higher
To the sky
The pathway upwards
Where hearts fly
And love bursts
Where nature beams
The call inside
Where all is peace


amarynth said...

This is a test comment.

su said...

That would be such a cool album. Views from sinks where we have washed dishes.

Anonymous said...

love the bright light
love you too