10 June 2009

Caballero y Caballera

Watercolor on Arches
16" x 12" 2003

The comedians of the Animal Kingdom. These are the Acorn Woodpeckers who store acorns in old oaks to see them through the winters. When they return and discover the tree gone or a robbery has occurred, the whole region is alerted by raucous anger. I sprayed clean the cement walk to the house and as I recoiled the hose, I turned to see the Caballeria body surfing on the wet.


brian said...

I have been trying to talk some customer into letting me make a front door, or better yet a refrigerator door, with a few hundred acorns stuck in holes as if the woodpeckers did it. I think it would be very cool. I may just have to do it myself this acorn season. Kind of like a cornucopia.

nina said...

Beyond cool.

One of my friends has a black hawg, he painted loose silver stars all over it and made holes in the enter of each. Looks amazing.

brian said...

ha ha ha yes a friend who is a fabric designer was just over in Jaipur in a village specializing in block printing of cotton. She saw a pig that had apparently been rolling in mud that had some spilled golden sparklies in it so that the pig was traipsing around coated with gold sparkle. So I said that will be the name of my label: "Sparkling Pig" brand, coming to a flea market or unlicensed sidewalk vendor near you soon!

chickory said...

this is the best.