10 June 2009


Winter in wonderland, 2007

Leaves were falling ... Just like embers

In colors red and gold they set us on fire
Burning just like a moonbeam ... in our eyes

Somebody said they saw me
Swinging the world by the tail
Bouncing over a white cloud.
Killing the Blues ...

© 2005 Rowland Salley


Anonymous said...

Raising Sand again? Alison Krauss can sing me a lullaby any time---Plant--classic R&R voice--too bad Krauss never gets out of her comfort zone--so much sounds the same with her--all good, but I expect more--she stays perched in the lower branches of the tree and, in my opinion never soars with the eagles----

I noticed you didn't have your thumb out to hitchhike---guess you're staying there for a while--not much traffic these days--how nice--


nina said...

But, there is a lot of avian/animal traffic and over a hundred years ago, moccasins. Before them, Mongolians, the Pleistocene and dinosaurs. It is possible not one inch of Earth is without a footprint.

brian said...

This image is so cool. Light is the Condition "where we are headed."

nina said...

Hello Brian, may the Force be with you.

Anonymous said...

She walked the lonely roads of the high country
At home
Collar high against the chill

Searching for the light

Elusive she thought
Cloudy day scrub

Then she laughed aloud
No one to hear

She was the light
On top of the world

For those who see

nina said...

Very lovely Jj, very true. But I'm not the only one...

su said...

losing all boundaries
flowing freely
to the source
woman and clouds
as one
light doing its magic

Anonymous said...

This one just continues to draw me in closer and closer to a place I've been--


Anonymous said...

or perhaps a place I am.........like ashes spread in the dust---

It will save on tombstone costs--Had my words all ready to be engraved:
"That Was It?" and/or "I Expected More"


arthurdecco said...

"It is possible not one inch of Earth is without a footprint."

Bee You Ta Full!

Ya wanna rite lyrics with me, Nina? I'm pumped out of words these days.

I'll send you the melody/music if you're interested.