09 June 2009


Watercolor on Arches
16" x 12" 2008

They call it a survival tank. It is a ruralist's water tank. Someone in the middle of the last century wrapped it in animal print. The whole time I worked on this piece, I was listening to Paul Simon's Graceland.


Anonymous said...

The Mississippi Delta was shining like a National Guitar----
I wonder how it would sound playing a guitar in there---like singing in a huge shower.........

I have been looking for Graceland in stores for a while but everything has gone online---bastards-----

It's so much fun going through your art--like connect the dots or finding stuff you forgot about in an old box from the attic---

nina said...

I know! Its lots of fun.

su said...

It is so much better than a lucky packet on a rainy day.
Love the contrast - grassland to scrub.
And that tower - how on a hot day one would do anything to plunge into its depths.

Anonymous said...

The laughter would echo nicely in the darkness--like being in a telescope as you gazed up through the tube at night--maybe a water cannon blasting us into another dimension---nestled in mother natures womb until her water broke--get out the surfboards......Kawabunga Baby!!!!!
Hang Ten!!!!!!!!!!!