14 June 2009

Sheep's Cathedral

Watercolor on Arches
16" x 12" 2008

Glacial Erratics blown in from the tempest. When the ice melted, they were left behind, scattered solo or in cathedrals. They only appear permanent.


Anonymous said...

This reminded me of one of those paintings where if you look closely, it is all made up of animals in various shapes and shades--

Funny but it is, but the animals are in the form of fossils inside the rocks--

Spray painted on the opposite side is "Robbie W loves Sue Malank"--I remember that as being something someone spray painted on a bridge overpass that we would go past when I was a kid--I wonder what ever happened to them? Did Sue Malank become Mrs. Robbie "W"? Did she even know of Robbie's love?

Guess I don't want to know.........


nina said...

These groupings of boulders have Vermillion or Chartruese mosses growing on them along with the black/brown mosses. From a distance, you'd swear they'd been tagged. Up close, the mosses are velvety patches in free form.
Since there are always reasons for Nature's pallette, I wonder who/what these colors are designed to attract or dissuade? Vermillion in autumn leaves repels parasites, colorful spring wildflowers attract pollinators, etc.

Yes, Jj, this one does have a changeability about it. I see shapes too that later on, appear differently.

su said...

What would one call a worshiper of boulders?

If there is not a name then I will adopt the veri word which is innetriu.

nina said...

Ok, I.m stumped, where does that word come from and what does it mean? It has a lovely syllabic flow. In a Tree, You.

su said...

ha ha, big smile

chickory said...

this is incredible. masterful.