06 June 2009

Work is Never Done

Watercolor on Arches
16" x 12" 2003

This is posted for NOTA, the self-professed boards fan. I will put it up in a higher res as soon as I sift through the cds.
love, Outchon

Update: here is the original.


notamobster said...

Thank you so much. This and the brief window don't smack me, they grab and hold in a wierd kind of mesmerizing embrace. Something about the geometry of them . . .

nina said...

In a roundabout way, I see that geometry translating into mastery of electronic/technical problems.

Anonymous said...

I melt into that barn siding every time I see it--so inviting to not only live inside it, but to live "in" the fibers themselves--we always think of wood as inanimate, especially old barn siding when it is so alive in character--how sweet!!
Like some of our elderly with so much character and wisdom/knowledge and we just pass it by because it's weathered and not shiny and new plastic--


nina said...

I agree Jj, there is some mysterious romance going on with weathered wood. It takes a certain combination of character traits to appreciate the draw.
The Fireteacher took me around to his suppliers and my favorite of everything is still "rough sawn". Seldom used, but it remains exciting.