08 June 2009

Inside Agave

The drawing under the paint is often just as meaningful as the finished work.


Anonymous said...

The Shadow World underneath where lines are drawn--not covered in gummy drops and lipstick


su said...

It is a bit like the insight before the writing happens.
Unadorned, stark in some way and yet the very essence of the finished product.
Beloved Nina, I so love this blog of yours away from the chaos, nestled in colours, images and revelations.

Hi Jj beautiful one.

nina said...

It is a new source of energy just when we were at our wit's end ... I'm amazed, its not what I thought it was going to be at all, its our own little opendoor anyone welcome all invited into the prairie dog underground network celebration. I very happy with the way its taking on it own life naturally.

Since the kids approve, we can't really call it theft anymore, your "showcase" is a better word. Please advise them I look forward to more for the right column whenever they have things they want to contribute. (That's not easy - evaluating one's own work - what to show and what to put aside.) I am testing ways I can link to enlargements on that column. Although, as it is, a click takes people to your blog which is so much of why the art is "clean".

Want to know something weird, it was always my life goal to have a children's gallery in the jungle...

su said...

Prairie dog underground network celebration -
A cauldron of sharing.

nina said...

A cauldron of sharing.

The antithesis of something devisive, like a credit rating or racism.