06 June 2009


Watercolor inks and newsprint on Arches
24" x 18" 2003


notamobster said...

You know, you could just post your paintings and all of your thoughts and beautiful spirit would just flow to the viewer. Anyone who couldn't see these wouldn't get it in writing either.

This is another amazing work. Some of your paintings smack me up side the head . . . this is on par with "They hate us for our glowfish" as far as smacked-upside-the-headiness goes.

nina said...

Heh heh, you are too kind. It was done around the same time. That freaky time we all realized the mess we were in.
Thank you Stacy.

Anonymous said...

I get the very firm feeling that you were there as the spirit-witness in this one Nina--You have truly become a storyteller
As we are the witnesses to what is here now--so much of past is becoming present--Deja Vu all over again?


nina said...

Its weird Jj, I saw all this happening about a decade before it happened and suffered through all the miseries then. I'm not the only one who was there, Visible saw it and split while he could. I tried to let others know what was coming, but it fell on deaf ears. I lost all credibility.
And now ... here we are. I would never say "I told you so", instead its made me able to empathize, and with you and "sentient optimists", prove there really is rebirth.