09 June 2009

The Long Goodbye

Watercolor, carpet and toy Beetle
16" x 12" 2004

Happy Trails to you until we meet again ... happy motoring rides off into twilight time.


Anonymous said...

The German scout crept up over the hillside in the surreal light of the full moon--he had been told that the enemy was mighty--tens of thousands of union auto workers and the locally made steel that was forged to make the behemoth battle wagons of the markets he sought--

Yet, as he peered over the top of the hill looking down, all he saw was a paper tiger-bleached by the sun--his stripes faded--teeth rotted out by the refined sugar of his addiction

No steel, no workers. Only the rusting carcasses of the out of gas behemoths--everything was abandoned--

Including life itself--

Strangely beautiful and quiet


nina said...

We made metal sculptures from a rusted Beetle used for desert shooting practice. You couldn't really see what it was at first out there among the sage and yucca. There were a few porn mags lying around there too.

Anonymous said...

home, home on the range.........
sleeping bag--check
ahhhhh the modern camper.....