10 June 2009

Ashes to Ashes

aka Here Comes the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss
Watercolor on Arches
24" x 19" 2005

These original Weedpatch, New Deal dwellings are rehoming the illegal farmhands - again. Must be a little drafty ...


Anonymous said...

No leaves in the trees, and the grass gone gray like an old(er) mans hair--
Take them all, strip and trade--build one good one with your own hands--how much do we need and where do we go but where we are at the time we are there--

Just take them apart one by one and carry the wood to where no bankers roam--hammer softly and strongly in a small clearing near a lake--no worn paths in or out--contemplate the loss of internet and tv/radio--laugh, and carry on--
I like my stuff--all of it--so maybe I'll just go there on the weekends to eat some humble pie for a day or two and pretend I'm a mountain man--dealer prep and options not included--


nina said...

Stock the place with acoustic instruments and you have paradise.