30 June 2009

Hope and Trust

Hope and Trust

Watercolor on Arches
16" x 12" 2009

I did one similar to this in 2003. I think I might have torn it up. Lately, it seemed to want to exist. When that happens, what can you do?

Flickers and similar birds


chickory said...

oh i love flickers! they are so formal looking with their complex markings. velvety feathers. i like how you have stylized him and its a curious birth as well. bravo!

nina said...

I love em too! I thought they were a lot more common than they are, but the girl at the feed store said to my old man, "YOU HAVE FLICKERS IN YOUR YARD?" Well, yeah, whole families. Mrs. Flicker and her daughters were just bathing in Macaroni Pond. The Mister knows me, he comes to the window and squawks until I go get his seed.
I had no idea you have them in the Blue Ridge Mtns, but why not, that's the terrain they love.

In all truth my models are soft boiled eggs holders from my companion's childhood. Thus the birth.

Thank you.

nina said...

In real life, "Trust" appears farther down this page on LA Postcard. Olive green with red jeweled eyes and a hole in his back.

su said...

needs trust
whereas trust
can exist alone.
Beautiful and yet haunting at the same time.
I know why it wanted to reappear.