05 June 2009

Outside Woman Outside Man

Watercolor on Arches
18" x 24" 2000

Outside Man, Outside Woman.

With pure awareness
and no self consciousness
you ever so gently pull my hair
away from my face
and hold it securely behind my head.

Looking into your eyes again
I realise I have not see you
for a very long time
I forgot how clear and knowing
you are
and look how you bathe me with the purest love and acceptance.

Nervously I touch my pinkened lips and widen my staring eyes
self consciousness and floundering
being who i am.
oh outside man remind me of love
remind me of love.

Written by Susanna, January 2, 2009

"The more I allow the man to look at me, the more I see god in him--or he is god--and the woman--us--one, nothing without the other." Jj, January 9, 2009


Anonymous said...

the man is my brother and my conscience......his eyes are my soul...


One of my favorites Nina--soulful would be an understatement--

nina said...

Oh, easily my favorite, too.