15 June 2009

Jake, in context

Watercolor on Arches
20" x 14" 2007

Dog days over on the blog...
Blush carpet and puppies don't go together all that well.
Will put up a bigger one when I find it, sigh. I know its around, somewhere ...

Detail from Jake, in Context.


Anonymous said...

"Camouflage is a method of cryptic or concealing coloration that allows an otherwise visible organism or object to remain indiscernible from the surrounding environment through deception".

Jake stealthily made his way over to the fireplace becoming one with the mortar and brick--invisible to all but the most discerning--an obvious master of deception is Jake using his natural surroundings to conceal himself before pouncing on any passing prey--life in the wild--


nina said...

Put this one with How We Talk if we Talk at All and you have the living room's south facing interior.

Books on table: Smithsonian's Birds, outdated World Reference Atlas, The Nation magazine, American Watercolors, several Carlins, Brick Masonry and How to Build a Gazebo. Also, Taxidermy for Dummies ... just kidding.

Anonymous said...

you won't find the bigger one until the puppie poops...........


su said...

Talking about taxidermy for dummies.

A Welshman visits outback Australia.
Sitting in the pub a local asks him what he does.
"I stuff animals" he replies.
"It's okay guys, he's one of us".

Now I got so off topic due to the one book that was not on the table.
Jake should meet India.

nina said...

I think we should all meet. I want to be unschooled too!